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Detailing Packages

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Ultimate Protection Detail:

  • Hand wash clay exterior painted surfaces to ensure a smooth ultra clean paint finish
  • Remove light scratches / foreign paint rub; machine polish painted surfaces, producing a deep lustrous shine
  • Clean door jambs, door hinges, exterior trim
  • Clean and polish tailpipes
  • Clean and dress wheel wells and tires
  • Thoroughly wash wheels ensuring lug nut recesses are free of brake dust
  • Clean mirrors
  • Wash windows inside & out; top side engine
  • Engine bay detail using steam, degreaser and compressed air
  • Engine bay and plastic is then dressed

Particular care is taken to protect engine electronics.
Exterior Protection:
Apply Two (2) coats of polymer paint sealant that penetrates the painted surface creating a bond that seals out industrial & environmental elements. This double coat of paint sealant should provide at least six months of protection if not longer. Duration will vary depending on storage, driving and washing conditions.
The thorough vacuum of seats, carpets, floor mats, and trunk. Pre-treat spots-stains / steam extract interior upholstery, carpet, and floor mats. This step heats the extractor cleaning solution to 210° then sprays and removes deep stains and hidden odors to ensure a deep carpet cleaning. Seats are moved forward and back to make the sure underside of the seat, and all crevices are thoroughly clean.
Interior Protection:
Upholstery is protected with a polymer blend coating that is safe on all natural and synthetic fabrics. This anti-static fabric protectant will not affect the texture or flexibility. Door panels, dashboard, gauges, vents, visors, steering wheel, column and center console are meticulously cleaned. All interior vinyl, plastic, rubber, and leather is treated and protected against the sun's UV rays without a greasy build up.

We vacuum and clean the trunk and cargo area.

Cars......................................................... $349
Trucks / S 2 Row SUV’s……………….……..……...... $399.99
Large Trucks, 3rd Row SUV's ..................................$419.99

starting at $45 most cars

• Micro Fiber Hand Wash
• Blow Dry | Excess Water Removed 
• Exterior UV Trim Protection
• Front End Bugs | Road Film Removed 
• Rim Detail | Tires | Wheel Wells
• Door Jams Wipe Down

• Double • Exterior Glass | Mirrors
• Micro-Fiber Hand Polish
• Complete Interior Vacuum
• Shampoo Front Floor Mats
• Air Gun Vents | Seats Tracks | Crevices
• Dust Dashboard | Console | Doors
• Glass | Mirrors

starting at $99 most cars

• Everything in Deluxe Hand Wash 
• Carnauba Hi-Gloss Wax
• Machine Polished
 (Hand Polish by Request)


• Headlight Restoration -
$35.00 per light
Clay Bar -
• Paint Overspray Removal – Estimate
• Paintless Dent removal/Scratch repair – Estimate
• Bumper painting/repair - Estimate
* SUVs, Minivans, Trucks, Dark Colors, Excessive Dirt/Grime extra