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New Car Protection

We detail every vehicle with care and respect.  Diamond Luxury Car Detailing knows your vehicle is more than an investment, but it's also a passion. 

Your automobile is washed, dried, and waxed to perfection. Our detailing services ensure that the sun and the weather won't damage your paint and destroy its beautiful luster. And if there are any unpleasant odors, we will eliminate them.

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New Car Protection Plan:

Diamond Luxury Auto Detailing understands what "Appearance Protection Packages" really are. Dealerships are selling a warranty, understandable and straightforward. Most of the time this warranty is sold and serviced by a third party warranty company (not the dealership) that you will be dealing with for all issues that occur during the warranty period. Any problems you have with your paint will be outsourced by this third party warranty company to contract labor that they pay per piece, for very little.
Don’t be confused by dealership claims of Five Years Protection when selling their Vehicle Appearance Protection package. Again, this is merely a warranty. Nothing replaces consistently keeping your vehicle's paint protected with a high-quality paint sealant or wax. A good comparison is paint with your skin. Would you trust your skin to one application of sunscreen? Even if you purchase the best sunscreen out there, would you imagine it to last more than one day? If this "special sunscreen" cost ten times that of the next best product and came with a warranty, would you feel comfortable with one application for a week or five years?
We recommend our new car protection plan described below to the customer wanting to get their new, off-the-lot vehicle protected and keeping it that way for a long time to come.  We use only the highest quality polishes, and sealants money can buy to ensure a deep, long-lasting shine. 

Exterior: Hand wash clay exteriors and delicate, painted surfaces to ensure a smooth ultra clean paint finish; machine polish painted surfaces producing a deep lustrous shine.

Exterior Protection: apply two (2) coats of polymer paint sealant that penetrates the painted surface creating a bond that seals out industrial & environmental elements. This double coat of paint sealant should provide at least six months of protection. Duration will vary depending on storage, driving and washing conditions.

Interior Fabric Protection: protect interior upholstery with a polymer blend coating that is safe on all natural and synthetic fabrics. This anti-static fabric protectant will not affect the texture or flexibility of the fabric.

Interior Leather Protection: helps preserve and protect automotive leather interiors and keeps leather feeling smooth, UV resistant and easier to clean.

Cars......................................................... $349

Trucks / SUVs……………….……..……...... $399